After 6 years of legal & lawful studies, I have discovered the Remedy to the judicial/govt./CPS/law enforcement Liabilities that can protect families from judicial/govt./CPS/law enforcement Racketeering/Corruption..

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Connie Sponheim

Exclusive care for you

Connie has been a Theatre Arts, English and speech educator for 32 years.  She is also a working actress and director in the Western Washington area.  In recent years she has  traveled the world through programs to help Homeschooling & Homesteading families.   Her world-view teaches inclusion and commonality with other cultures through the Theatre Arts.  It is her hope that her sensitive story and the sharing of private information will help other parents and grandparents to heal and see that they are only one piece of the whole picture of this worldwide epidemic issue of alienation..


Judicial/law enforcement complicity in the alienation scenario: